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After working in the tourism and adrenaline acitivity industry we noticed that there was a big need to capture great experiences and turn them into personal, engaging and entertaining videos.

Due to lack of good solutions too many people lost focus on enjoying their experience in order to get the proper selfie. We wanted to ease the process of receiving quality videos from once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Thats when we began our journey to develop completelly automated solutions designed to enable providers of great experiences the ability to provide their users with great memories..


An indoor skydiving arena at Lørenskog in Oslo delivers the feeling of flight. We deliver a solution which enables the flyers to receive an edited video from their experience within just a few minutes.

At RedBull 400 at Granåsen each participant received a complementary video from their race up the ski jump.

JoyTech enable Kollensvevet to sell personal, entertaining and engaging videos from their customers experience. To many this is a once in a lifetime experience which requires a system with high operational stability, no need for additional staffing and high quality videos.

At Holmenkollmarsjen, a 52 km long ski race in Oslo, each participant received a video to serve as a great memory. OBOS sponsored the videos as a campaign to show their support for outdoor activities and to increase the effect of their sponsorship.

How we work together with you.

All our clients deliver great experiences. Our goal is to capture the essence of each persons experience and tell the story in a personal, entertaining and engaging way.

Strategy & Roadmap.

Together with our customers we define the optimal way to utilize our service in order to increase customer satisfaction, revenue per customer and amount of customers per year.

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We tailor the digital and physical experience for your brand and your users.


Our services are developed to suit the a wide range of needs. If you are in need of additional solutions our skilled team of product and software developers will help you.

Launch & Monitor

Our systems are under continuous development. We are constantly looking for relevant changes in digital or social trends.

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